We started TRIPLE NINE COFFEE back in February 2019 with a passion to replace over priced commercial coffee the instant freeze dried powdered coffee stuff you would buy in your local supermarkets.

Whilst working within the emergency service doing shift work is hard enough let alone spending a load of money grabbing the much needed caffeine hit in your one and only break to get you through your 3rd or 4th 12 hour shift.   

We were being called from job to job grabbing expensive coffees or energy drinks which we all know aren't great for you in the first place and would usually kick in once your shift is over. 

It was time for a change a reinvention of the liquid gold we all have in the mornings and throughout the day. so we got to work, researching and trialing different coffees, learning coffee from the ground up.

We were at a slight advantage as we had all our colleagues to use to test our blends, different roasts, what worked and what didn't. working of surveys we handed out with our coffee we were able to hand pick and find the perfect coffees to start. 

We suddenly stubbed across a company that was using fresh grounded coffee and putting them into bags! We were sold this was the way forward, and would fit perfectly for the whole 'COFFEE ON THE GO'. Perfect tasting coffee every-time, without the mess or fuss of using a machine or spending £3 a cup. 

We focused all our efforts on this new upcoming product! hitting the UK market we knew this would change and bring a new life to the coffee market! 

The Coffee bag changed it all, you could grab a coffee bag and away you go! 

We dedicate ourselves to bring great tasting coffee at reasonable prices to all UK Emergency services, Armed Forces and of course the coffee lovers themselves.    

Caffeine hit, the quick, easy and natural way.